Anode Swallowtail Butterfly, 2020

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Found objects, hand-drilled acrylic, laser-cut masonite, epoxy resin/sculpt, fiberglass, paint, various hardware
Dome: 6 in (15.24 cm)
Frame: 15.6 in (39.62 cm) round
Priority domestic shipping, international shipping extra
CA residents pay sales tax based on zip code

The Anode Swallowtail was a very efficient pollinator. The wings held an electrical charge allowing static energy to attract and hold pollen from various plants. When these butterflies happened to bump into each other in flight, a small short circuit would occur allowing the pollen to be released and sprinkled on the flora below. The charge would eventually come back and the pollination would continue.

• This is one of my newest explorations into non-cast creatures.
• The creature will be shipped with wing supports/padding; you will need to remove the padding and reassemble the dome unit and frame back. I will provide instructions and help.
• The white grid textured background behind the creature was made on my drillpress.
• The butterfly dome module can be removed from the round frame.
• I designed the mechanical/organic frame in Adobe Illustrator, laser-cut the parts and have glued and pinned all layers together.
• The white dots on the frame are the pin-holes used to align the layers. I enjoyed that small detail when it was complete and choose not to color-match those spots to the frame.
• The outer edges of the frame are hand-painted white to complement the white mat and background around the creature.
• The creature is adhered with various adhesives, fiberglass fabric, and epoxy sculpting clay. The wings are coated in clear resin.
• There are slight imperfections in round frames — enough to know they were all assembled, painted, and finished by hand.
• Comes with certificate of authenticity.

All images, concepts, artwork and content ©2020 Lex Talkington. All Rights Reserved.


All images, concepts, artwork and content ©2020 Lex Talkington. All Rights Reserved.